Free Personal Guides

Step 1 - Please fill out the downloadable PDF form most relevant to you.

Emerald Financial Planning Process

This will give you an idea of how we work with people, and the process we use.

Pre-Meeting Questionnaire

General information for you to gather before we meet that helps us to understand your current financial situation and goals.

Simple Cash Flow Worksheet

Focuses in on your income and expenses.

Retirement Questionnaire

This will help you define your retirement goals, or at least begin thinking about them.

Investment Risk Profile Questionnaire

This tells us what type of investor your (ie - aggressive, moderate, or conservative), and allows us to make sure you are investing your assets this way.

Life Insurance Needs Questionnaire

This is where you define the goals you have for your family if you should pass away prematurely. This piece is crucial for young families to discuss as it has a direct impact on their standard of living if you are no longer her to provide an income.

Disability Needs Questionnaire

Statistically, you are more likely to become disabled than you are to pass away depending on your age. While you are young, you want to make sure that you are able to provide an income for your family if you cannot perform your job due to an accident or injury that prevents you from doing it. This questionnaire will help you determine how much coverage makes sense.

Education Questionnaire

Helps you to define what you want to do for your children (or possibly yourself) regarding their education.

Express Financial Questionnaire

An "all in one" questionnaire looking at virtually every area of your financial life. It combines a number of questionnaires above into one. This is a good tool to use when doing an entire financial plan.

Comprehensive Financial Questionnaire

As the name implies, this is a very comprehensive financial planning questionnaire that takes a look at a couple more things than the Express Financial Questionnaire above. It adds in both Estate Planning, and Income Tax considerations.

Step 2 - Please contact us so we can create your personal financial plan together.

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